A+® Classroom Student Response Software™

A+ Classroom Student Response SoftwareA+® Classroom Student Response Software™ (A+® Classroom SRS™) provides teachers with tools to improve student learning and make targeted decisions through the use of interactive academic competitions, challenging quizzes, and automated assessments all in the classroom setting.

Bank of over 30,000 questions aligned to all state standards and objectives to address your states learning requirements.

Students compete for points in competition-style challenges or use a self-paced quiz format for informal formative assessments.

High-energy classroom activities motivate students to participate and focus their attention on specific learning objectives.

Scaffolded learning design with clues and follow-up facts.

Nine different types of clickers are compatible with A+ Classroom SRS:

  • Activote™ by Promethean®
  • ResponseCard RF and ResponseCard XR by TurningPoint®
  • TX3100 and TX3200 by H-ITT
  • Responder and Neo2 by Renaissance Learning®
  • StarPad® 2.4 and StarLite® by LearnStar®



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