A+® LearningLink™

A+ LearningLinkThe A+® LearningLink™ is a valid and reliable formative assessment that measures a student’s existing knowledge, comprehension, and mastery of basic skills in reading and mathematics for grades one through eight. The tests and results are calibrated to The Lexile® Framework for Reading and The Quantile® Framework for Mathematics and are aligned to state standards and objectives.

Teachers can place their students in the appropriate reading and math instructional materials and forecast how a student will perform on Lexile®- or Quantile®-aligned tests. Interventions can then be prescribed and tailored to each students ability and needs. Educators who use the A+nyWhere Learning System® can automatically make prescriptions from an A+ LearningLink assessment. This allows educators to accurately track progress throughout the year.

Teachers and administrators have research-based formative assessments and instructional courseware in one integrated system that reports on one common scale. Placement, prediction, prescription and progress is now simple and meaningful.




Lexile® Framework

Quantile®\ Framework

Ohio Report