A+nyWhere Learning System

  • K-12 based program
  • Reading, Mathematics, Language Arts, Science, Writing and Social Sciences
  • Over 5,000 lessons
  • Approximately 200,000 content pages of courseware

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A+nyWhere Learning System®

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A+nyWhere Learning System®

Tech ExcellenceThe A+nyWhere Learning System® (A+LS™) is a courseware program that provides innovative, research-based curriculum for K-12 in Reading, Mathematics, Language Arts, Science, Writing, and Social Sciences. The A+LS™ courseware contains over 5,000 lessons and approximately 200,000 content pages of research and objective-based, problem-solving courseware — plus assessment, alignment and curriculum management tools. The assessment tools for the A+LS™ are integral to the management system. Educators can create placement tests within the curriculum based on any national or state learning objective. The A+nyWhere Learning System® can be delivered to any student any time via a LAN, WAN, or the Internet. A+LS™ features integrated assessment and automated reporting tools that are aligned to all state and national academic standards.

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